What is ePSXe Emulator?

No one like restrictions these days. Everyone wants to enjoy the things without any restrictions. But there are some games which cannot be played on all Tech devices. There are many gateways to play your favorite video games on any devices. That gateway is an Emulator. An Emulator is a pass for a player to emulate any game and play on any device like PC, Android, and Macs.

Earlier there was no shear power to emulate some classic games on Android devices. But the era is changed now. You can emulate the consoles like GameCube today.

There are many emulators present in the market. Some emulators are only for Androids. Some are only for Macs. But this one ePSXe is different.

What is ePSXe Emulator?

ePSXe stands for enhanced PSX emulator. It is a PlayStation Video game console emulator. Which can be on x86-based PC hardware. No matter the hardware can use Microsoft Windows or Linux if not both then Android is also a good way. ePSXe was coded by three brilliant minds. They are aliases calb, Demo, and Galtor. It is a closed source application. But it has an application programming interface so you can always use plug-ins.

The company was developing ePSXe in private. It was released on 14 of October 2000. It was the point of revolution because there was not any other PlayStation emulator with this kind of features available that I will discuss in the topic later. After its first release, the company gained a huge response. Then they never stopped. After that ePSXe 1.6.0 was launched on August 5, 2003. There were rumors that the source code of ePXEs emulator has been lost. But these rumors came to end later when the developers made a public statement that they are going to upgrade it due to the encouragement from the users. This statement was made on April 5, 2008. In 2007, they started working on it again. The new version of ePSXe 1.7.0 was released on May 24, 2008.

After this bold step, the developers were thinking to make a version for the Android and Windows users because the number of users of these operating system was increasing day by day. And on August 30, 2012, they announced it for Android users. And also give a good news that they are testing a version for Window which was released on 9 November 2012 later.

Features of ePSXe

  • The Plugins can be used to emulate GPU, SPU (sound), and CD ROM drives functions. There are many other emulators that do the same so it was an important feature. There was a model that was established in PSEmu Pro. You can also load the games from the CD drive and you can do that from many kinds of CD images from the user’s hard drive.
  • Patches can also be used to fix any kind of possible errors. Sometimes games do not run properly or even do not start at all. They need to be fixed and can be fixed. You can use patches via .ppf format. You will find hardly any patch for any game in this format.
  • ePSXe supports up to 4 players on games supporting multitap. It is possible to control the game using the touchscreen, hardware key or external gamepads. It supports digital and analog controls. It is up to you that you can switch between analog and digital when choosing the Dualshock mode using the swap mode button. you can also hide the skin if you want to play with hardware keys or external gamepads.
  • ePSXe supports using hardware buttons in phones or tablets. It can also be used with an external gamepad. You can also use digital buttons and it also supports analog sticks and shoulder triggers. You can also mapp some buttons such as save or load the states, menu and enable or disable frame limit.
  • There is a time come when everyone wants to use cheats to just clear the state. ePSXe supports Gameshark cheat codes built-in. You can download the list of the cheat codes and copy them on your device in a format that is supported by the configuration section.

As I mentioned above that you can use plug-ins.


  • GPU: You will get most of the GPU plug-ins run with Direct3D, OpenGL, or the Glide API. They are available free of cost and are also open source. There is some case when you need game-specific hacks to run games.
  • SPU: The SPU plug-ins are related to sound. They can emulate everything from music to sound effects.
  • CD-ROM: There are many CD-ROM plug-ins available for free and can also emulate up to seven different types of reading modes. But ePSXe also comes with a core CD-ROM plug-in.
  • Input: you can use many other plug-ins for more functions but I will suggest that the core plug-ins are sufficient.

Let’s talk about compatibility now.


ePSXe supports around 99% of the PSX games, including more than 5000 different games. Some games just do not start up as well. You can use different kind of patches for them that is written especially for every game.

Some of the supported games are:

  1. Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX/Tactics
  2. Dragon Warrior IV/VII
  3. Chrono Cross
  4. Metal Gear Sod
  5. Gran Turismo ½
  6. Tomb Raider 1/2/3/4
  7. Colin MC Rae ½
  8. Crash Bandicoot 1/2/3

Is your PC is able to play these games? Let’s find out.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:

Your CPU should be 8000Mhz 32-bit. 256MB of minimum Ram is needed. Also, you will have to need a fast graphics card,x16 CD-ROM, Windows XP, and DirectX 8 or OpenGL 1.0.

These were the minimum requirements that you must need but for a better experience, you need to enhance some requirements. Like you should use a dual-core CPU, 512MB RAM, Windows Vista+ and DirectX 8.

For Android, you should just have a device with a processor of ARM or x86 (Intel Atom) and Android 2.3.3 or newer version.

Final Words

eSPXe is a very good emulator for the PlayStation. I have not found any negative aspect of it. You will gonna remember me for this emulator for sure. If you have any question in mind do write below in the comment section.

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